Fatty ambiguously had intuitively

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Fatty word haven’t say that finish, Verna hand over to the back. She is in distress ghd situation to scold a way: “dead fatty, you recently? What good may meet, and he began to speak.”

Rogge hey hey smile and was holding the hand of Verna, will it from his mouth took down, way: “now which still have what good sense in? I just think some things, so feel relaxed a lot.”

Verna nodded his head down, and suddenly silent.

Rogge holding her hand, a bit not loosen mean. But Verna have also so, allow he held, but let rogge was alarmed, and don’t know how to properly.

Two people so in silence. Finally Verna takes the lead in breaking the silence: “dead fatty, you what all don’t ask, a moment with me.”

Rogge nodded silently.

Verna hand gently move, which in turn pulled rogge hand, ghd iv took him to distant fly away.

Since then, two people have already slowly fell on the top of a perilous peaks.

High and grotesque peaks off, only a few strains fine, ghd hair straightener tall and straight, pine trees may in mountain and growing between rocks.

And the evening.

They sat in the mountain peaks, looking at setting RenYunXia for them, covered in a suit with red golden.

“Small rogge……” Verna gently tunnels.


“I’m tired, want to sleep for a while, borrow a shoulder to use.”

Before rogge, she gently answer on rogge body, went to sleep. The wind carried up her a few silk cheap ghd outlet blond hair. Gently touched rogge’s face.

Setting warm afternoon sunshine.

Rogge carrying her soft body, feeling faint body joss-stick, in the heart, but this quiet joy into sleep.

Suddenly. Rogge has regained consciousness. He looked around to. Found that the vast, up, down, left and right, all could not see marginal.

This is a very broad plane. Rogge instinctively feel, perhaps on dimensional size is concerned, there is enough to hold 0.1 billion after a position themselves to face. And the planes of the special, it is very stable and strong beyond the imagination of rogge ghd pink limited edition has. Just rogge know, without any existence, no force can destroy got here to space structure, their status in the face, he could easily x space, wear into the space condition declivitous turbulence. But here * * samples of words, will only crashed through a wall like just want to fly, no matter how hard, also but in vain just.

Fatty ambiguously had intuitively. So magical plane is not natural born, but the product of human.

That this is how to existence, can create such a strong position face!!!!!

In such a presence, rogge finally feel, you should be humble.

Rogge is immersed in regrets and shock of. Shine a light feeling in his body. He ghd dark turned the distance, it found that distant rises ghd hair round the sun was blazing!!!!! Although know how far apart, but the light has passionately to rogge skin burning the sting.

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